Wraparound is a well-established method of dealing with complex needs of families and individuals. Developed in the US late in the past century, it was championed in our community by Stoney Creek United Church several years ago. We are ever grateful for the support of The Hamilton Community Foundation in this endeavour. The church adopted a new vision for delivering wraparound service, and launched Stoney Creek United Church WRAP (wrapping resources around people) in 2008.

Stoney Creek United Church WRAP seeks to help families with complex needs to identify their needs and establish goals and a plan to meet the goals. Through a trained facilitator, working one-on-one with the client, the aim is to gather supports around the family to work toward improving the client’s circumstances.

If you feel called to help, please contact our Office Administrator who will be very happy to put you in touch with the resource team to help you find a way to use your skills to better someone else’s life.

For more about the wraparound process, visit the national governing body Wrap Canada here.


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