Wesley Urban Ministries is a United Church initiative that started in downtown Hamilton. It has more recently spread throughout the city, with satellites in other areas of the city. Our Outreach team co-ordinates a small group to prepare and serve a hot meal at the Wesley Centre on Ferguson Avenue North each July. This meal is entirely sponsored by the congregation of Stoney Creek United Church.

Our Children, Youth and Teens are also avid supporters of Wesley Urban Ministries, and contribute thousands of dollars towards the “Case for Kids” fundraising walk, held every June at the Bayfront Park in Hamilton. In the past, we have managed to reach the “Pacesetter GOLD” status for our efforts.

The Soup-Line Project was founded by past Outreach Chair Kay Dol in the early 1990’s to raise money for the Outreach Committee and their work. Initially, the programme served soup to the congregation on the last Sunday of November, January, February and March, and was fashioned after the soup lines of the great depression. There was one big difference, however. We offer gourmet soup and dessert for a minimal cost for church families to join us. It also served as an opportunity for families to gather in friendship and fellowship.

Soup-Line continues to be a success and seems to be popular with the congregation. There is a lot of work and effort to support Soup Line, not only by the Outreach Committee members but from the volunteers within our church. Please contact the church office for more information on this event.


Stoney Creek United Church WRAP (Wrapping Resources Around People) is a small group ministry of our congregation. We provide support to individuals in our community who are struggling with multiple issues. Trained facilitators will help individuals or families to make plans to meet some of their immediate goals. If you would like more information about this program, please contact the Church Office (905-662-4963)

Stoney Creek United Church WRAP seeks to help families with complex needs to identify their needs and establish goals and a plan to meet the goals. Through a trained facilitator, working one-on-one with the client, the aim is to gather supports around the family to work toward improving the client’s circumstances.

For more information, see our National Wraparound organization’s website http://www.wrapcanada.org

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