Christabel, Our Music Director

Christabel Pinto is a well-known Hamilton musician, who has performed at most of the amateur and professional venues in the City. She grew up in Hamilton and graduated from McMaster University with a music performance, theory and history degree.


She is comfortable with pop, musical theatre, classical and all modern forms of music. She brings the unique ability to coax complex rhythms and sounds out of our two-dozen-member senior choir. She also inspires a junior choir of upcoming voices.

At least twice a year, she produces, directs and accompanies our “Christmas in the Creek,” “Spring in the Creek” and other “in the Creek” concerts, bringing together outside talent and showcasing the abilities of the local congregation.

New voices are always welcome, and you can email Christabel in care of the church at Vocalists have been heard to refer to her as “the best accompanist I’ve ever worked with.”

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