The Reverend Mr. Mark Winger – Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care


Rev. Mark Winger believes he’s exactly where he’s meant to be.

The 55-year-old is the new minister at Stoney Creek United Church. He’s taken over the reins as the historic church looks for a new home through the sale of its building at 1 King St. W.

“I do not believe that God just placed me here by accident,” he said. “It could just be that God has placed me here for such a time as this.”

Stay tuned for more about Mark

Please feel free to contact him at 905-662-4963: Ext. 1

2 thoughts on “The Reverend Mr. Mark Winger – Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care

  1. Hi there,

    I’m emailing your parish to find information about services and attending mass at your church. It had been a long time since going to mass and would like to find a church I could call home. What I would like to know is what kind of service is the Stoney Creek United church? Roman Catholicism, Christian ? What would be the difference.?

    A little about me, I’m a nurse in cardiac surgery in a same
    Sex relationship. What’s the united churches views on the lgbt community?

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your message. Our minister is out of town right now and I’m just looking at corners of our site and came upon your message. It’s not clear from our records if we answered your questions. Sometimes messages on-line slip through the cracks. If you have aleady heard from Mark, then you don’t need to read my reply.
    We are a United Church of Canada congregation. Our worship on Sunday is referred to as a worship service rather than as a Mass. Several decades ago the United Church of Canada began welcoming openly gay individuals into ordered ministry and most of our congregations, including Stoney Creek, now have embraced marriage equality.
    In addition, we have baptised children of same-sex couples during our Sunday public worship. A number of Congregations have adopted a formal process of becoming an Affirming congregation Many congregations have not taken that step but have chosen to express welcoming in their own way. That has been our choice.
    You can get a fuller picture of our beliefs from our web page Our beliefs, found here:
    Better yet, come and see us any Sunday morning at 10AM.
    Doug Caldwell
    Church Council Chair.

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