Church Council

Our governing body is the Church Council, elected by the congregation at the annual meeting each spring. It includes the Minister, elected Officers and all of the elected Group Members:

Minister  The Rev. Mr. Mark Winger
Council Chair
Past Chair Norm McCarthy
Treasurer Norm Macdonald
Chair Ministry and Personnel Committee Doug Caldwell
United Church Regional Representatives Doug Caldwell
Lynne Ramsey
Representative of Trustees  Pending appointment
Mission Group Members
Jan Catherwood
Janice Garden
Beth Herron
Sue McCarthy
Bea Maas
Lynne Ramsey
Lauri VanstoneMember Emerita Ruth Ferguson
Foundation Group Members

Mardi Bullivant

Doug Caldwell

Cindy Kantor

Wayne Johnson
Joan Sturch

Member Emerita Pat Taylor

Any member of the Church Council can be contacted through the Church’s email