The United Church of Canada has two Sacraments, Communion and Baptism. We also conduct funerals and weddings as acts of worship.


We want to ensure that those people being married in the church are comfortable with our worship. To serve that need, come and worship with us and talk to our Minister, the Reverend Mr. Winger, after a service. We are pleased to confirm our commitment to marriage equality.


God’s love is offered to everyone. It is not withheld from a child before baptism, nor is it denied to an adult who has never been baptized. When the choice is made, either by an individual or by the parents on a person’s behalf, to mark God’s love through the sacrament of baptism, we are delighted to join them on their spiritual journey. Please speak to the minister after worship to discuss your intentions.


The table belongs not to the United Church, nor to Stoney Creek. It is Christ’s table, and all who are moved to participate with reverence are welcome.