Our Beliefs

What do we believe?

That’s a great question. And it will take us a few minutes to answer. As a congregation of the United Church of Canada, we subscribe to what the Church says, generally, and it can be found here.

We also have worked out a local mission statement, and visions and values that reflect what we are and do and what we hope to be and do.

Our Mission:

– Discovering and Sharing God’s Love –

This states in just a few words what we are doing at Stoney Creek United Church. We think the statement speaks for itself, so we’ll go on to tell you our visions and values.

Our Vision states that we are:

Discovering God’s Love through:

  • Each other
  • Meaningful discussion
  • Uplifting group studies
  • Engaging sermons that provide fresh approaches to scripture
  • Wonderful music

Sharing God’s Love by:

  • Being a part of a welcoming place for everybody
  • Celebrating together
  • Providing needed programs
  • Participating in fun social activities
  • Engaging in acts of kindness, gratitude, love and justice
  • Praying for and serving one another, our community and the world

Extending God’s Love by:

  • Creating a church home that provides a place of sanctuary, peace, prayer, comfort and fellowship to all who need us.

We Value:

Love – We believe our relationship with each other should be genuine, open and honest.  We endeavour to make every individual feel valued and respected.

Acceptance – We believe that each person has gifts beyond differences in age, material wealth, gender identity, culture, education, mental or physical health and ability.

Caring and Compassion – We believe as a church and as individuals we must always strive to treat people as taught through the messages of Jesus Christ.

Respect – We believe that everyone is a child of God and is sufficient in God’s sight.  We respect everyone’s place in their faith journey.

Curiosity – We believe that we discover God everywhere: in public worship, in private prayer, in groups and alone, in work and play.  We welcome questions and intellectual exploration as we make our faith journey of discovery.

Generosity/Sacrifice – We believe that God wants us to do the right thing, even if it is difficult.  We are blessed in many ways and have an obligation to share.

Humility – We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we strive to find them together.

This Mission and the Vision and Values were adopted by the congregation in May 2016, and while they reflect our sense of the things at that time, we acknowledge that God continues to nudge us toward deeper understanding of the Holy Will and that our statements, while they are fine words, are only words.

Come and visit us, spend some time with us, and form your own opinion of our mission, our vision and our values.

We’d like to hear from you.