Upcoming Events


You’ve show us that Facebook is another preferred way of learning about day-to-day happenings in the church. We’posted 90 times on Facebook in 2019, reaching an average of 150 people each time. So, in addition to looking here, that’s another place to find daily news. To find out what’s up, please click on Facebook to look at our Facebook Page.   *

You have also enjoyed having access to our Google Calendar, which is kept up to date as events and bookings are scheduled. Find it here



Sun. January 19th – Sat. January 25th

Sun. 19th    Event                                              Location

10:00am      Sunday Service                                 Sanctuary

12 noon      Ghanaian Methodist Church          Sanctuary

Mon. 20th    

7:00pm       BalYoga                                       Fireside Room      

Tues. 21st       

9:00am       Tai Chi                                                Gym

6:00pm       Masons                     Sanctuary, Gym + Kitchen

Wed. 22nd                             

7:00pm       Crunchy Canine                         Fireside Room

Thur. 23rd      

9:00am       Tai Chi                                              Gym

9:30am       Tea & Talk                                       UCW Room

7:00pm       Choir Practice                                Sanctuary

7:00pm       Crunchy Canine                            Gym               

Fri. 24th        

6:00pm       SLOGA                                         Gym, Fireside

Sat. 25th               

9:00am       Stage Coach                                 Gym, Fireside