Children and Youth

Children and youth have a special place in the life of this congregation. They keep us energized and enthusiastic through the sharing of their spirit and zest for life.  Worship services are held at 10:00a.m. in the Sanctuary. At the conclusion of the service, you can meet up with your kids in the auditorium for refreshments.

If you wish to keep your child with you in the Sanctuary, there are colouring sheets/puzzles and crayons at the entrances to the sanctuary that may help keep them entertained.  You are also invited to get up and walk around at the back of the sanctuary or use the rocking chairs. There is an unstaffed child care play room for toddlers, where you are welcome to take your child if you wish to. This play room is staffed on days when there is baptism happening during the service.

If you have any questions, contact Rev. Mark at 905-662-4963, ext 2. We want you and your children to feel at home here; feedback is always welcome.

There are also occasional Sundays when the children join their families for all ages worship.


We are called to reach out to the world in which we live. Volunteering some time to outreach activities is very rewarding both for the giver and the people that receive our help. Participating in and supporting outreach activities is an important part of the children and youth programming at Stoney Creek United Church, including:

  • A year-around Food Drive in support of the Stoney Creek food bank
  • Donating to United Church of Canada’s Mission and Service initiatives.
  • “Change for Change” – donations of loose change are collected every week for Wesley Urban Ministries’ annual “Case for Kids” walk.

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