Rental Information

We are undergoing a transformation. As you may have read in local media, the church building was for sale, and then it wasn’t. Rumours still persisted that the church was closing. It never was. There was a plan to move to a smaller location. BUT. The congregation has decided we are here to stay and there is a new openness to engaging community partners in sharing our space. Over the coming weeks, you will see more information about possibilities at Bell Tower Place right here on this page. 

In the meantime, if you have a need, please contact us so we can discuss how our great big old beautiful building might figure in your plans for your event.

You can phone the office at 

905-662-4963 ext 1

You can email the office at

You can message us on our Facebook page

You can come to the church any weekday morning and speak to our office administrator.

Most church facilities are also available for rental by companies, community groups and individuals on a one-time or recurring basis. We can accommodate up to several hundred in the Sanctuary, or a small group meeting in one of our classrooms.

The church makes its space available to many agencies at reduced rates, or in the case of Canadian Blood Services for blood donor clinics, at no charge.

Typical rental rates

These are the rates typically charged for one-time use of the facilities. Arrangements may vary depending on the number of uses, the number of facilities used or the charitable or community service status of the user.

FacilityMorning (8AM to 1PM)


Afternoon (1PM to 5PM)


(5PM to 8PM)

All Day
Board Room or

Sunroom or

Resource Room

UCW Room$50$90$125
Fireside Room$60$110$150

With kitchen







SanctuaryNegotiable based on event, starting at $250

Take a look at the details of each room below and then, to discuss your needs, call the church office at 905-662-4963 Ext. 2 or email us


Accommodating over 400 people comfortably and featuring a vibrant colour scheme accentuated by skylights, the Sanctuary is a truly striking room. The room also features a modern sound system and music from either the grand piano or the full pipe organ.


The auditorium comprises a gymnasium, a nursery, a library, several break-out rooms, a stage and a full-service kitchen. The site of many community activities, the auditorium is also used weekly for our after-service coffee hour.

Fireside Room

The Fireside Room is a medium sized facility for meetings, events or classes. It can accommodate approximately 50 people and is wheelchair accessible.


Ideal for board meetings or training sessions for groups up to ten, classrooms are bright and airy.

4 replies on “Rental Information”

Good morning,

Im looking into renting the fire side room (if big enough) or the gym for a birthday party. How much would these cost?

We would probably only have approx 40-50 people. It would be a weekend maybe or and evening sometime in January. Sometime after January 6th.

Would we be able to bring in entertainment such as a Magician , mad science or something along those lines ?

Thank you for your help


40 might be a little crowded in the Fireside room but it would be best to discuss your needs with Janice in the office at 905-662-4963. She’s in Monday to Friday, from 9 to 1. She will tell you that bringing in your own food and entertainment is fine with us.

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